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Our Story


My name is Connie Hobbs and Treasures Academy is my dream come true!  Children have always been a hugely important part of my life.  I'm the oldest of 3 with 2 younger brothers.  That in itself presented my first insight into mothering, and while I thought I did it very well, my little brothers were not that impressed.  They were more inclined to call me bossy, and say they didn't have to do what I said, and well you know how that goes.  

Then I grew up, ended up with 3 children of my own and continued to learn the importance of being a mommy, a working mommy that is, and how difficult it really is to make all things come together.  I was so fortunate to have my Mom close by as she kept my kids while I worked, even helped with my daily chores, laundry and preparing healthy meals for my family.  I knew I had an amazing thing going on with this that very few working mommies got to enjoy.  It made her happy, it made me happy, and it was certainly a happy time for the kids too!  Fast forward 20 years and now the situation has reversed.  My mother is now a widow, my dad has passed away, Momma was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and now lives with me so I can take care of her just like she took care of me.  It's the way it should be, and my biggest honor to give back.  You may see her at TA some with me.  She loves it here with all the sweet kiddos who affectionately call her Nana too!  

After 30 years in the corporate world, some crazy things happened which led me to strike out on my own and convince a bank to trust me with more money than I had ever been loaned before, and buy the building that is now Treasures Academy at Woodstation.  I was blessed to find amazing and staff who have helped me create my dream of being the  absolute best childcare facility imaginable!  I know God is here and wants me here, He has made that perfectly clear more times than I can count through blessings that cannot otherwise be explained.  All I have to do is work  hard to take care of His children, listen to His leading, and follow, and He does the rest. I'm so thankful He does, because without Him, I would fail miserably! Come check us out and see what I mean.  You can feel the love as soon as you walk in the door

Mom to Mom Bazaar

Join us on November 16 from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm to shop or sell your unwanted items.  Tables are available to rent for $20.00 each.  It's the perfect avenue to find bargains on almost everything.  Children grow so fast its hard to keep up.  Clean out your garage and come and make some cash just before Christmas shopping season. You do not have to sell to shop, so come on out.  See our event on Facebook for the link to purchase a spot....

Money back guarantee

If you aren't happy with the care we provide, check with the office for information about our money back guarantee.

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